latest news: unser platooning prototyp vor bundesverkehrsminister scheuer vorgestellt. read more.

distributed technologies.


the tangle structure enables for faster transactions at no cost and a high scale suited for the demands of an m2m-economy and the iot


through its smart contracts, ethereum allows for representation and automation of business logic
on the blockchain


coming soon

hyperledger focuses on enterprise-level development to build robust, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems

industry expertise.


blockchain will directly facilitate better supply chains, play a key role in process automation, and help to protect intellectual property


through DLT vehicles become economically autonomous and can communicate independently with each other or infrastructure


increasingly decentral energy markets and volatile supply and demand call for a new underlying infrastructure to meet flexible requirements​

blockchain prototyping.

prototyping approach.

blockchain solutions

the use of blockchain technology is at the core of our identity. thanks to our wide experience, we can quickly build functional and expressive prototypes

electronic engineering

we are specialists in integrating different hardware like microcontroller, single-board computer, and various sensors and motors into prototypes

custom parts

through the use of 3d printing, we can rapidly prototype as well as design parts accurately and flexibly to fulfill customer requirements

user interfaces

building easy to use interfaces is more crucial than ever to create , especially when using cutting edge technology

recent prototypes.

  • Smart Charging
  • airdata module
  • Platooning
  • economically-autonomous-machines
  • Air Data Scooter
  • Intelligent Parcels

latest project.

dlt x platooning
a short video showcasing our latest proof of concept with which we demonstrated a possible future for autonomously driving vehicles enabled through dlt

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known from.

  • Cointelegraph
  • CryptoMonday
  • Focus
  • Fraunhofer Fit
  • Nordbayerischer Kurier
  • Uni Bayreuth

awarded prices.

  • Fraunhofer Fit
  • Mobi Hack Challenge
  • DLD

our team.

Matthias Babel

Matthias Babel.

blockchain developer.
Jonas Brügmann

Jonas Brügmann.

projekt manager & hardware design.
Nicolas Ruhland

Nicolas Ruhland.

hardware engineer.

advisory board.

Gilbert Fridgen

Gilbert Fridgen.

co-founder Fraunhofer BlockchainLab.
Jannik Lockl

Jannik Lockl.

blockchain researcher & entrepreneur.

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